maximum performance & technique

Rowing for everyone

Our machine is easy to setup for both young rowers and adults. Special oars for full motion let you train during winter, even with proper technique.

Scull and Sweep

Rowingo simulator will be available in scull and sweep form. And you can connect machines of your crew into doubles, pairs, fours and even eights!


To see every usable data, you connect to our machine via your smartphone. Our app supports Android and iOS devices. Share your training with your crew. Get better!

Virtual Reality

Future is virtual! Row on your favorite lakes and rivers while indoor. Enjoy views during your training! Via screen or headset.

complete motion

Rowing motion on a boat 

Motion on today's rowing machines

Motion on Rowingo 

one of our first completed sculling prototypes

reserve your new machine

We are not selling yet, if you want to be first in line, leave us your contact, and we will send you updates!

our crew

Jéňa (John) Psota

- Creator

Matouš (Mat) Kostomlatsky

- Visionary

David (Dave) Kucera

- Technical wizzard


- Workaholic

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